Be A Problem Solver

Enough Problems Not Enough Problem Solvers

Watch the news for five minutes you will see there is no lack of problems.  On top of that 97% of people see “problems” as a stop sign.  The harvest is plentiful but harvesters are few.  The 3% find their success on the other side of problems, whether it be problems for themselves or more importantly problems of others.  Successful people are problem solvers.

The Man With The Plan… The Greatest Problem Solver

An ancient Rabbi traveled around solving peoples greatest problems.  He went around healing the sick, delivering the oppressed (Act 10:38).  Yeshua (Jesus) the greatest example of what we as mankind should be, showed us how to fulfill our destiny as successful business people.  Following His example in every area of our lives will prove His truth in our lives.  As we understand the Truth Yeshua taught is for our spiritual benefit, we will focus on the benefit of His Truth in our business life.  He is the ultimate example in every aspect of life including being an entrepreneur and this will be our source to glean from.

    Yeshua knew that He had the answer to peoples problems.  He taught from the Torah about the principles of relationships, with Adonai God and with each other.  His “product” of eternal life, forgiveness, peace, healing, and financial freedom (I’m not belittling why Yesuha came, I’m drawing a parallel to entrepreneurship) solved the problems of life.

    Now Let’s Talk About You Being A Problem Solver

Now take a moment and think of what you have to offer.  No really stop right now and think about it… What do you enjoy doing?  What are you really good at?  If you knew that you couldn’t fail, what would that one thing be?  Ok now that you have that in mind, you’re here on earth for a specific purpose.  Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 1:5.  Everything Adonai God creates is a solution to a problem.  You have a solution to someones problem, it’s up to you to be a 3%’er.  Your destiny lies within helping others solve a problem.  Seek to give Tzedakah (charity or help) and it will open up the door to your destiny on earth.  Remember that your success lies on the other side of that problem, go after it with all you have, you won’t be disappointed.

    Calling Out Your Greatness

Have you overcome or solved a problem in the past?  Write out the steps you took to overcome the problem and share them with those that struggle in that area of their life.  Seek out a The Ultimate Problem Solverway that you can give Tzedakah this week, find those that need a helping hand.  Be a blessing to those you come in contact with daily.

Shalom, Shalom (Peace, Peace) To You And Yours,

Grateful To Share,


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