I Know Where The Gold Is…

Well He told all of us in His Word.  The 8th thing YHVH said is good, is the gold.  He also told us where to find it.  


I believe that Elohim told us where the gold is, because, He wants us to have it.  Why else? Right?

Gold It's Good


We can take that scripture literal (which we should) and / or look at it as a principle. (Isaiah 28:10)  I’m gonna take the angle of principle.  


YHVH just finished up with creation, takes a shabbat, and then in verse 12 of chapter 2, He tells us where the “gold” is and that it IS good.  It comes from the “first” river spoke about.  Anytime we see something first mentioned, we need to pay special attention to.  


The land that it is found in is “Havilah” which in Hebrew has a dual and opposite meaning.  On one hand it can mean, wealth, might, and worthiness.  On the other hand it can mean, writhing in agony, whirling sand, and contractions during birth.


The river “Pishon” means, to burst forth, to dispers or scatter.  


I like to look at the meanings of ancient words and put their meanings into a sentence like this.  Gen 2:11-12 (Troy having fun translation) The name of the first is (burst forth and dispers) which is the one that flows around the whole land of (wealth, might, and worthiness, or agony, contractions whirling all about) where the gold is.  The gold of that “land” (wealth, might, and worthiness, or agony, contractions whirling all about) is good.  


The gold or money or currency is in the land of worthiness and agony.  You can gain gold, either, by the principals YHVH sets out for us, which brings the good of Havilah, or you can gain gold the wrong way, which brings agony of Havilah.  Note that the gold is good either way.  Money is a tool to propel God’s Kingdom or the enemy’s camp.  If you pay someone to do wrong, the money isn’t bad, it’s you.  If you pay someone to build a Hospital or Orphanage, the money isn’t good, it’s you that has done the good.  Make sense?  Money is a “good” tool to make advancement.  


The river that flows around the entire land is, burst forth and dispers.  This being the first of the rivers, let’s us know the importance of it. The Father wants all His children to live in wealth. One part of being wealthy is having more than enough finances.  He gives us the ability to gain wealth (Deut 8:18),  and ALL the gold and silver is His to give. (Hag 2:8)  He wants His “currency” to burst forth and flow or disperse… hint, hint “current-currency”  This is NOT to say that everyone gets equal amounts, but we are called to Tikkun Olam (Repair the World) and one way is to give our finances in various ways.


My hope is to encourage you to study these things out.  There is no way to explain all of the great things God has for us in a short blog.  I hope that I’ve got your mind asking questions.  The worst thing I could do, is spoon feed you information.  I want us to TEAM UP.  When you dive into God’s Wisdom, He will show you and give you revelation that will further His Kingdom.  And together we become a stronger body.


Let me know what you are hearing about “money”.  Why do you think God created “money”?


Grateful To Share,

Troy aka Pac

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