The Nastiest, Most Disgusting Carpet You Will EVER See And I Got It Clean! (Video)

You Have Never Seen Carpet So Nasty!

Be sure you watch the video to see for yourself!

I walk into the office and ask for the property manager (I will call him Joe).  “Hey Joe, do you have that apartment ready for us?”  “Yep I sure do. It’s upstairs follow me”.

As we’re standing at the door of the apartment, Joe says “You asked for the worst, here it is”.   I had called a week earlier and asked if I could come out and clean one of their apartments for free to show them what we’re capable of.  I also told them to give me their worst one and I will restore it.  I was pretty confident that I could save most dirty carpets.  When he opened the door, he didn’t even look in.  He turned to me and through a half smile on his face says “do waist your time on this, if you can’t get what’s in the door way don’t even try to finish”.

I walk in  took a look and thought, my goose is cooked, but I wasn’t going to let him know…  I walked around the apartment looking at the disaster, saying to myself, “self, what have you gotten us into”?  I look back at Joe with my half smile and told him ” give me some time and I will do my best”.  Knowing in my head, this will be tough.  As Joe was walking out, he said again “don’t waist your time, if it doesn’t come out here by the door, don’t move on, I’ve already call in for new carpet”.  I told him ” call them back and tell them to hold it until I’m done”.  He laughed and said ” you really think you can save this carpet”?  “I do”  I replied.  “Ok I will let them know” he said as he walked out.

Now for all you carpet cleaners out there I’m going to give away some of my secrets how I cleaned this carpet step by step.  If one of the steps are skipped the carpet won’t come out like my do.

So I got after it.  Picking up pennies, nails, candy, and other unknown objects, I gained $0.37 and hand full of nails.  With that done I started to dry vacuum.  Taking my time, making sure that I vacuum in the right direction to get the carpet fibers to stand up.  After spending a good bit of time dry vacuuming, I then put my pre-spray on the carpet.  This carpet needed my special mix, with degreaser in it.  By looking at the carpet I knew it had a lot of grease and oil in it.  (After I got done I found out how that carpet got that dirty but more on that later, read the P.S.).  Letting my pre-spray dwell on the carpet for about 10 minutes or so, I started extracting by the front door.

I do not use a carpet wand.  I use the RotoVac 360 combined with the brush head.  The RotoVac 360 is a rotary extractor, (it’s kinda like a small buffer that puts water down on the carpet and sucks it up at the same time).  The brush head is just what it sounds like, its the spinning part that does all the work and it has many rows of soft bristles that agitate the fibers.  With the brush head it also acts like a comb and realigns the carpet fibers which allows them to stand after being matted together.  After only spending minimal time, I could see the carpets original color.  Now I’m feeling pretty confident that I got this in the bag, I trucked on.

As I went along I took pictures because I knew nobody would believe how bad it looked and that I got it out!..  Getting about halfway through I decided to call Joe at the office and tell him to cancel the new carpet, I also told him to not come by until I was done.  Knowing how people can be, (curiosity killed the cat) I locked the door so I could finish and show him the final product.  (Oh and he did try to look in)  I continued to work, coming across gum, paint, marker, and other weird stuff. I treated each with the appropriate remover.

Remember carpet cleaners, to do a good job, take your time to do it right.  Having repeat customers is better than cramming as many as you can in one day and doing a shoddy job.

I finally finished the extracting process.  I pulled my hoses and equipment out of the apartment, taking my grooming rake, I raked the carpet.  Also making sure I rake the carpet in the right direction to allow the carpet to stand tall.  That is a secret to make the carpet look good and last longer.  Carpet when manufactured is woven or “put together” in one direction.  It’s kinda like our hair, the hair on the back of our head lays one direction.  If you comb up, your hair stand up. Carpet will do the same thing, you need to find out which direction it lays and go against it.

After all that, let it dry.  With our system we average 3-4 hours for dry time.

So I was all done, I put my rake up and called Joe.  “Well how does it look?” he asked.  I told him “I don’t know, I will let you make that call” knowing in my head that it looked pretty stink’n good.  He opens the door….  “You’ve got to be kidding me!”  “There is NOOO WAY!”  He stepped back out, checked the number on the door and looked back in.  I followed him in.  “Look O.K.?”  I ask.  “Are you joking?!  This has to be a prank, where are the cameras. Did you really clean this carpet?” He says back.  “Yep” I replied.  “Impossible!”  “Did the carpet layers come and replace it?” he says while he kneels down to see if the carpet is wet.  “Nope, its clean, I do what I do.” I said through a big smile.  “O.K. I’m a believer, if I hadn’t looked at the carpet with my own eyes before and seeing this, I wouldn’t have believed.”  Telling him “Well I’m glad to hear!”  “You did cancel the carpet layers right?”  “Crap!” He replied and ran out the door.

Needless to say we got the account.   :)  I know some of you are thinking, why would he give his tricks about cleaning carpet away?  Doesn’t he know that other carpet cleaners will read this?  Yep, you’re right.  I know they’ll ready this and I hope they do.  Even more so I hope they use my tricks with their business.  Why you ask?  Well let me tell you….  As a business owner I know what it it takes to provide the very best service and products on the market.  As I started out I had to fail many times before I got it right and that means I spent A LOT of money in the process.  With the economy being rough right now, many people are finding themselves looking for work.  Many of those same individuals are diving into business ownership.  Many times when people get started in a business they struggle for years and then give up right before their breakthrough.  I have found that if I can help those that desire to run a business, in return my businesses are blessed.  That whole “do unto others and sowing and reaping” thing really works.  There is no bigger time than now when people are looking for help!  There are a few tips that I have discovered that made it click for me.  For those that need help with or have thought it would be great to have a business, you can save yourself many years of pain by discovering what I found that works by dropping me a line on Facebook.  Also gaining knowledge from other business leaders will spring you into the life you deserve!


Grateful To Share,

Troy aka Pac

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P.S.S.  The reason the carpet was so nasty was, the guy that lived there was a motorcycle mechanic and lost his shop, so he “worked from home” wink, wink, nudge, nudge.  All the black stuff was oil and grease from motorcycles!  Crazy I know!

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