The Path To TRUE Wealth

What is wealth?  

I define wealth like this: An abundance of Health, Time, Family/Community, and Finances.


Health.  Without health you pretty much have nothing.

Time.  If you don’t have TIME to enjoy your health, family, or finances what good is it?

Family/Community.  Loving and helping our Family/Community (our neighbor) is one of the “Two Pillars” of the Bible. The other pillar is loving GOD.  Kinda important… :-)

Finances. There is one fact about finances, we all need them in one way or another.  I’ve found that, finances are a magnifier.  Those with good character, money magnifies their goodness, and well it magnifies the bad in those that lack character.


I discovered (and where I discovered this, is just plain crazy, I will disclose in another blog…) that there is a path to wealth, and if followed, you will find yourself lacking nothing.


The path itself is Tzedakah (Righteousness). The destination is Tikkun Olam (Repairing The World).


There are 3 main tests along this path, that you will need to “pass” or “gain the wisdom” as the ancient Hebrew sages would say.  In our western mindset, we tind to think, “get the right answer” and we pass the test.  When God is trying to give us more than the “next level”.  He desires us to gain wisdom, which is not knowledge only.  (Prov. 4: 6-7)  


The first test is probably the toughest for many to face.  Test 1, is Fear.  Not to camp out here for too long, I will just touch upon this.


Everything you are called to do, is just beyond fear.  You can NOT have faith, without fear.  The thoughts that float through your mind like, “you can’t do that”, “you will never change”, or “you just weren’t meant to succeed” is part of fears fiery arrows to keep you frozen where you are.  Push through fear grab ahold of faith and fight on.  Theres much more to this test, but that is the high points.


Second, is, you can’t do this alone.  Colossians 1:18, says that, Yeshua, (Jesus) is the head of the Church, which is His Body.  To have a functioning body, each part must do what it’s designed to do, not by itself, but connected to the rest of the body.  


We must help each other fulfill what we’re created to do. It’s hard for a hand to move forward without legs and feet… Again, I could spend a while here, but I want you to have the main points in your tool belt.


Tres.  Understand MONEY.  Let me ask you a couple questions.  What do individuals that are lacking money think and pray about?  What do individuals that want more money in a greedy way think about?  Both constantly set their sights on money.  

This may shock you, but I believe that GREED and POVERTY have the same spirit.  In Matthew 6:24, Yeshua tells us that there is two masters… God All Mighty, and mammon. Translated as money in some Bibles, “money” is NOT a master, money or finances is a tool. The other master is a spirit named mammon (kinda like the “prince of persia” spoke about in the book of Daniel).  I don’t capitalize the name of evil spirits. I believe mammon is the spirit of poverty and greed.  


I like to think of money like this.   

Just Follow The PathLet’s say “money” is a road way.  On one side of the road (where I’m from they’re called bardiches) is poverty, and on the other side, is greed.  If you stay on the road (money) you will have a much smoother trip.  But once you go off road into the ditch, you can reach your destination, but it may cost you much more.  Many times, staying in the ditch, leads to destruction.  To stay on the road of money lies within the wisdom and understanding of why God created finances.


And with that, you now have the 3 main tests on your path of true wealth.


How have you “gained the wisdom” of these tests in your life? Let me know below. :-)


Have a fantastic day, and Tikkun Olam, repair the world!!


Grateful To Share,

Troy aka Pac

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