Tikkun Olam, Tzedakah, or Hakuna Matata…

Tikkun Olam… Tzedakah?


Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba had the life! Right?  Chill’n in paradise, eat’n whatever and whenever they want, and enjoying a Pumbaa powered hot tube.  They were on the up and up, life was great!  Hakuna Matata, no worries, just go with the flow!


Some great life lessons from The Lion King… This really has nothing to do with the story except the phrase “Hakuna Matata”  


I find a majority of individuals that take this motto and run their life by it.  This “seems” right  (Proverbs 14:12) with the “no worries” mentality and it can be backed with (Phil. 4:6), when in reality the “no worries” mindset  leads us to focus on ourselves instead of bringing value to those that we encounter daily.  “No worries” is a cover for “don’t deal with problems in your life, just let them go and sweep them under the rug”.  


Over the last 15 years, I’ve noted, those that take that stance, sooner or later (mostly later) have had to face their personal fears and problems.  Only those that face their hang ups (we all got’em) moved into what they’re called to do.


Instead of “Hakuna Matata” establish your mind on Tikkun Olam and Tzedakah.  I’ve found with these two as a foundation, you can build a quality of life, that when looked back upon, will bring complete satisfaction.  


Tikkun Olam: Repair the world.  This is a Hebrew phrase, and the total meaning is to be the helping hand of YHVH.  Help those in your life, to fulfill the calling upon their lives.  And the greatest way that I’ve found is to do it through Tzedakah.  

Photo courtesy of baptistspirituality.org

Photo courtesy of baptistspirituality.org


Tzedakah:  It literally means Righteousness and or Justice.  But those that practice Judaism, they probably understand it to mean “charity”.  And when we understand what righteousness and justice mean, charity is a good fit.  


So we don’t walk down another path, in short, to do righteousness, is to do right things or be in right standings.  When we do the right things, it often, is linked with helping those around you.


A man nicknamed Rambam (Moshe ben Maimon ), was and is one of the most looked to wisdom teachers of ancient literature.  He devoted his life to learning this wisdom totally.  He gives us a “structure” of “charity” we can do and how they might rank.  The ranking system is based on shame.  


For instance, if you were to hand $10 to someone needing it, that would be the lowest rank of giving. It invokes shame on the one receiving, (Acts 20:35) due to them not being able to take care of their family or themselves. The ancient Hebrew understanding of shame is equal to murder.  See Here


NOTE: It is still good, to give in that manner, but there are better ways to provide help.  Rambam came up with 8 levels.  The lowest I just mentioned.  


The highest/greatest is, (which invokes the least of shame) giving individuals the chance and ability to go into business for themselves.  Its the old proverb “give a man a fish, he eats for a day.  Teach a man to fish, he can feed his family.”  But this greatest level of Tzedakah takes it a bit further, we are to teach them how to use a boat with a net!   


Now they can impact the community and change the world.  Change the world?  Isn’t that taking it a bit far?  Not really.  When you help someone in dire need, you changed their world.  Tikkun Olam.  


This is my desire for you.  I hope to pass on great info and encourage you to go for it.  I want to help you Awaken Your Dream!


I would love to hear what your dream is.  Drop me a line below.


Grateful To Share,

Troy aka Pac


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