Today Is Your Future. Dictate What Your Future Will Look Like

What you do today, IS what you will get in the future.  If you don’t like where you are now, look back at past 10 or 15 years.  Evaluate all the habits and patterns in your life.  Look for the things you do over and over.  Establish the cost and value of those habits and patterns.  If they cost you time or integrity, pay special attention to them.  


If something costs you, your integrity, you will always rep a negative outcome eventually.  If it costs you time, you need to recon your time with a value.  


Let’s look at it like this.  You come home and watch 2 hours of TV.  Let say you make $15 an hour at your job.  A week of TV watching costs you $150, a month $600.  


Well that’s great Troy… But my J.O.B. doesn’t pay me when I’m at home.  



You’re right and wrong.  If you won’t invest into yourself or increase your talents, knowledge, or abilities, you will stay at the $15 per hour range.  BUT if you pour into yourself and better yourself, you will be able and qualified to either get a better job, move up in the company, or better yet… be an entrepreneur!  


So today, evaluate the habits you have, replace the bad with good practices, like reading self-help books, listening to audiobooks or youtube trainings and connect with others that want something more out of their life.  


At a minimum, you become who you were created to be, at most… Is up to you :-)


It always takes more effort in the beginning of a habit.  Start today and let the seeds of good practices bring you a great harvest in the future!


Let’s connect on some of the social media sites.  I would love to interact with you there as well!


Grateful To Share,

Troy aka Pac


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