What Is The Beginning Of Everything? Just A Thought… Or Is It?

Just A Thought.. Or Is It?

I found myself going 1 step forward and 2 or 3 steps back.  No I’m not talking about country dancing. When I “country dance”  It’s more like interpretive dancing… It’s bad, real bad!  My poor wife…


I’m referring to, my day to day life.  Whether it was in my marriage, with my kiddos, or my businesses.  I would move one step in the right direction and then all of a sudden, I was 2 steps back.  Sooo frustrating.  I FINALLY had a breakthrough when I practiced the info in my book The Stout Truth.  

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What happens before you speak?  What happens before ANY action or reaction?  You have a thought whether you know it or not …  

You can have all the know how in the world, like running a business, marriage, parenting, ministry, etc… but if you don’t activate “Self Control” with your words, you will self sabotage everything you go after.

Speaking Life or positive words, is the foundation to your Legacy, but the iron reinforcement in the foundation, is, your thought life.  


To maximize the power of your words, your thoughts NEED to be inline or in-tune with your words.


Our minds and thoughts are bombarded with negative influence.  The ratio of negative vs. positive is extremely out of wack… We’re sorely in need of help. The info in this my book will jump start you down the positive path.




Grateful To Share,


Troy aka Pac
P.S. Tell me about some of the success you’ve had in the past few days.  I’ve found that we need to speak about our day to day successes.  I want to celebrate with you!!

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