PureWash Eco-Friendly Laundry System

Wash Your Clothes Without Laundry Detergent And No Hot Water With PureWash


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could wash and disinfect your clothes WITHOUT laundry detergent or hot water!  Sounds great doesn’t it!  Is it possible?  Well lets take a look at the pureWash


Amazing!  So let’s recap.  pureWash is an environmentally friendly appliance designed to work with your residential washing machine, adding enhanced oxygen and Photo Catalytic Oxidizers to the cold water supply. Water treated by pureWash aids in cleaning laundry and killing bacteria without leaving residual detergent in the fabric. Many users find they are allergic to detergents used in washers and the detergents create an environmental problem as they are included in the waste water from washers. The operation of pureWash is easy and convenient.

Once the pureWash is properly installed, you simply operate your washing machine following the manufacturers instructions. pureWash is designed to automatically turn on as soon as the washer demands water for the the wash cycle and again for any rinse cycles. The viewing window glows blue and you can see the production of enhanced oxidation bubbles in the tube through the window, so you can see it work! When the water stops flowing, the pureWash will automatically turn off following a short cool-down period.

Can The PureWash Save You Money?

For us to answer that question we need to establish some facts.

According to Procter & Gamble Co., the average American family washes about 300 – 390 loads of laundry per year, or about 6-7.5 loads per week.

Taking that into consideration lets figure the price of laundry detergent.  On average a jug of detergent can cost $15 – $45 cleaning around 100 loads.  So 300 – 390 loads can cost $45-$180.   Now with my family we spent more than that.  For sake of argument we will stick to the averages.   Now on to the cost of heating your water.  Thanks to “Ask Mr. Electricity” he came up with this chart.

PureWash, Saving Money, Laundry, Green







So from this chart we can see that using Hot/Warm water you spend $265 a year.  In just the cost of detergent and hot water you waste $445 a year.  I did say waste, all of it goes down the drain literally.

Saving $445 a year is amazing right?  But that doesn’t even take into consideration of your clothes and washing machine lasting much longer.  That could mean $1,000’s in saving.

I’m All Itchy… The PureWash Can Fix That!

Many deal with allergies and asthma due to perfumes and dyes in the detergent.  Now you don’t need to buy the more expensive detergent to get relief from the chemicals that cause your out breaks.  Its funny how the detergent that take the perfumes and dyes out cost more, you would think it would be the other way right but NOOO they want to make a buck off your pain!  With the pureWash you get the most eco-friendly laundry system on the market, that saves you money AND is better for your body!  Its a win-win!

Pure Awesome With The PureWash

Turn your washing machine to cold water, load your laundry and go, that’s it!  No more running out of detergent and waiting to do a load.  The pureWash is always ready when you are!  To start saving today grab your pureWash HERE.


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