SoZo The Healthiest Drink On The Planet???

SoZo Coffeeberry Health DrinkSoZo Functional Beverage Has The Highest

Antioxidants Of Any Health Drink…

There’s a reason antioxidants are so sought-after: they work to neutralize cell-damaging free radicals.  And because cell damage is where health concerns begin, antioxidants offer a foundation for healthy living.
With so many different kinds of antioxidants, each supporting different systems of the body, there’s synergy to be gained by putting together the right combination. Because the most powerful antioxidants are found in nature, combining multiple natural antioxidant sources into a single supplement makes sense.
That’s the theory behind a groundbreaking nutritional beverage called SoZo®—a theory others have thought of, but none have done as well.
At the center of SoZo’s proprietary blend of vegetable, fruit, and healing botanical extracts is CoffeeBerry®. This standout ingredient captures the natural powerhouse antioxidants of the whole coffee fruit while protecting the fruit’s flavor, color, and nutritional value. It took years of research to create the CoffeeBerry process, which holds three international patents.
“SoZo is nature’s basket of fruits and vegetables,” explained John M. Hunter, one of the developers of CoffeeBerry. “It’s not just a single antioxidant chemical that will give you an unnatural spike in antioxidants. Humans require a broad spectrum of nutrition from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, especially when it comes to antioxidants. CoffeeBerry, in combination with other fruit and vegetable powders and extracts, delivers powerful support for diets that may be lacking sufficient fruit and vegetable antioxidants.”
A three-ounce serving of SoZo contains more than 10,000 ORAC units, the antioxidant equivalent of approximately 20 servings of fruits and vegetables.
“As we started peeling back the layers and taking a closer look at the nutrient content, it became apparent that CoffeeBerry was off the charts with antioxidants and glyconutrients,” said Larry Cantrell, SoZo’s Chairman and CEO. “It was unique and far beyond any ingredient that we had ever dealt with. CoffeeBerry is what fresh blueberries wish they could be. There’s just nothing else like it in the marketplace.”
SoZo is all natural and contains no preservatives, sugar, artificial flavors or colors.

So What’s In SoZo?

SoZo is a polyphenol-rich nutritional supplement beverage that has been scientifically designed to incorporate a full spectrum of the most antioxidant-laden fruit and vegetable whole food powders and extracts available in the world today.  SoZo is a hand-picked combination of well-studied freeze dried whole foods, fruit and vegetable concentrates, and effective, patented ingredients. The following polyphenols and phenolic acids are present in SoZo:

Ellagic Acid, shown to be effective at preventing DNA oxidation.

Antocyanins, shown to offer neuroprotective benefits and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Chlorogenic Acids, shown to inhibit oxidation of LDL, (oxLDL is the most harmful form)

Proanthocyanins, shown to have beneficial anticancer and cardioprotective properties.

SoZo contains the following whole food concentrates and patented ingredients:

Coffeeberry® whole coffee fruit extract – CoffeeBerry® whole coffee fruit is the king of the “superfruits”. CoffeeBerry® represents the most exciting new development in coffee technology since freeze dried coffee crystals. This exciting patented and trademarked technology produces a one-of-a-kind coffee fruit extract that, in acute discovery clinical trials, has been shown to increase Peroxinase 1, (PON-1), a beneficial human blood enzyme that published research has associated with management of oxidative stress, oxidized LDL, longevity and severity of coronary artery disease. Whole coffee fruit is known to contain high levels of various isomers of chlorogenic acid, ferulic acid, and trigoneline.

FruiteX B® calcium fructoborate – Patented FruiteX B is an exact mimetic of a naturally-occurring plant mineral complex commonly found in certain fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes. The calcium fructoborate molecule contains the micronutrient boron. A body of science, including much research generated by scientists at the USDA, has suggested that boron, in the form of boro-carbohydrates, is essential for proper functioning of many bodily systems, especially for the maintenance of healthy bones and joints. Due to the generally inadequate intake of fruits and vegetables in the Western diet, many individuals may be not be consuming adequate levels of these boro-carbohydrates, or “borates”.  Emerging research suggests that FruiteX B may support healthier levels of calcium and Vitamin D.

VitaVeggie® high ORAC vegetable blend – A nature’s basket of broccoli, broccoli sprouts, tomato, carrot, spinach, kale, Brussels sprout and onion extract, VitaVeggie all-vegetable antioxidant blend provides quality, high-ORAC antioxidants from vegetable concentrates plus a liberal helping of fully-intact whole vegetable phytochemicals from concentrated freeze-dried vegetable powders. A single gram of VitaVeggie provides 5000 ORAC units. VitaVeggie brings much more to the table than high ORAC values…it has also been standardized for specific glucosinolate and sulphoraphane levels, producing a well-rounded, robust blend that sets the industry standard. VitaVeggie has been shown to increase quinone reductase in liver cells. This enzyme is part of the phase II detoxification system of the liver that helps to rid the body of harmful substances that increase oxidative stress.

VitaGranate® pomegranate concentrate – VitaGranate is standardized to a very high content of antioxidants, particularly tannins and flavonoids. Research indicates that pomegranate may offer powerful support for improved coronary and cardiovascular health. The pomegranate has been reported to influence healthy inflammatory status, anti-oxidative conditions, and microbial status. Pomegranates have also been reported to reduce LDL oxidation and inhibit angiotensin coverting enzyme (ACE).

Vitaberry® Plus® high antioxidant fruit blend – A potent combination of wild North American blueberries, bilberries, grapes, grapeseeds, tart cherries, raspberry seeds, strawberries, cranberries, resveratrol and quercitin, VitaBerry provides a blend of high antioxidant berries chosen for their antioxidant content and potency that supplies a combination of the most powerful fruit antioxidant phytochemicals in order to deliver a diverse array of physiological benefits.

VitaGrape® high ORAC extract – Grapes are one of the few natural sources of resveratrol, a compound reported to be implicated in healthier aging.

SoZo The Real Deal

SoZo from their words “seem” to have the real deal for a super healthy beverage.  Is there any other documents on the SoZo drink.  Sure enough Nutritional Journal published the double blind test.  Click here to read the full report. Nutritional Journal Clinical Study Of SoZo Functional Beverage .  Well if that isn’t enough you need to try it for yourself.  For more SoZo check it out here.  :)


Grateful To Share,SoZo Select Coffee

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