It Is A Heart Issue??

Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.


Here is a dream that I had 3 days before my pastor had his heart attack.  My pastor did survive and my dream was given to him while recovering.  While in the hospital he had a download about the body of Christ.  Him (my pastor) being in great shape the heart attack came as big surprise.  After reading my dream we talked and he told me that this is a dream for the Church.  The Church might look healthy, but there are heart issues that can and will bring us down.


The dream starts off with me and a few people standing around a heart machine.  Not a normal heart monitor.  This heart machine can tell when something bothers the heart spiritually.  As we stood around the machine I kept saying “see these issues touch the heart”  some of the people around me kept saying “there’s no way these issues can touch the heart”.  The issues were Fear, Anger, Unforgiveness, Bitterness, Hatred, Lust, Things we watch and listen to, and so on… I said to the people this is the problem and we can see it hinders the heart, every time someone has an “issue” we can see it touches the heart.  We watched the machine for a few more seconds and then all at once those that said it wasn’t possible all agreed in unity and said this is what’s holding us back…..  Then we turn around and formed two lines to pray.  We stood, one line facing the other like a fire tunnel.  Someone said lets pray in unity.  At this point in the dream I’m now watching the rest of the dream happen and not in the dream….  When the people lined up and said lets pray they went to hold each others hands and then they got zapped by the Holy Spirit.  They didn’t just fall out they were electrocuted.  The zapping went right to left in the line.  The people on the far right touched hands and got zapped.  The people next to them tried to catch the zapped person and when they touched they got zapped, then the next person tried to catch them and got zapped.  It went all the way down the lines.  The last guy on one of the lines before falling down from being zapped he walked over to a TV camera and touched the monitor and said “ I’m sorry, I’m sorry, son I’m sorry”.  I looked up at a TV and saw a young man playing major league baseball standing on first base crying during the game.  G-d was moving in places that’s “not normal” for a move of G-d to happen.
Then I woke up.

This dream was passed around to a few churches and life groups.  I bring this up only because this dream is for the body of Christ.  Ask the Father to show you what is holding you back.  When we understand that coming to G-d and asking him to heal our heart issues while seeking His presents, all the stuff that is going wrong in your life WILL change for the good.  Seeking His presents, not the miracles, will change you forever.  In His presents miracles happen.

Grateful To Share,

Troy aka Pac

Another Dream

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  • Tammy Hawk aka mamahawk September 16, 2015, 2:44 am

    Troy, this was an amazing dream and it reminded me of a dream I had many years ago. In this dream I was walking with Jesus and we were in a very dark looking place that appeared to me almost like a dungeon. In this place were very deformed looking people. They were in chains and again I was taken back by their faces and the distortion and anguish they were in. I asked Jesus where we were and He said, “We are in a spiritual hospital” These people here are spiritually sick. They are sick because of unforgiveness and bitterness.” He then said the next thing to me because I was going through a very hard time with betrayal of loved ones. Steve had left me again and his grandparents had once again set him up financially, while the boys and I were all alone and trying to figure out how to survive..So back to the dream…Jesus said to me..If you will not allow bitterness into your life, I will use you to help others out of this place.” Anyway, I wanted to share this with you because of what the Lord had showed you.

    • Pac September 16, 2015, 3:21 am

      That is so awesome mamahawk! That is a profound dream you had. It’s amazing in all three ways He speaks to us. It’s simple to understand but our flesh crys out to have is own way. You are definitely on your way to Sainthood :-)


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