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This will be my first post about the dreams I have.  I don’t post these to impress anyone, I post these to encourage those that dream to write them down.  G-d may be showing you keys to help others and prepare you for what “might” come.  I say might because you need to test the spirits and line it up with the Word of G-d.  Not all dreams are prophetic.  With that said,  I would love to hear if they minister to you or give you hope.

My Big Dream…

My dream started with me and a bunch of people walking around in a town talking to specific people throughout the town.  I remember it being nice outside and the sun was about to set. Then it changed, we (I don’t know who I was with but it seemed like the whole town) where having a meeting, kinda like a town hall meeting. No one was leading the meeting, they were all telling me that they had fear. I told those around me that they didn’t need to worry or have fear. I asked what their fear was and they pointed towards the east of town. They said the Enemy was outside of town in the East.
Time changed again I was outside walking around, it was now cold icy and wet. The people of the town wouldn’t leave the city limits for fear of the Enemy in the East. It annoyed and frustrated me, they were stuck and not doing anything about it. I stood on a car in the middle of the main road leading out of town to the east. All of the people in town were standing in two parking lots, one to the North, a school parking lot and one to the South a gas station parking lot all on a hill. The people were all looking to the east. I looked at the people and told them “don’t worry or be afraid” and I told them “follow me and watch what I do”! I get into the car. Setting in the middle set, I look over and tell the driver “if you need to slow down, down shift, so we don’t lose power since the car is a standard, but if not floor it and don’t stop”!
There were three of us in the car. The driver, me, and a passenger, all in front. We take off down the hill towards the city limits. As we get to the bottom of the hill a demon appeared, raising its hands as though to put fear in me. When I got closer to the demon, it sees my face. It had the look of fear and the look of “you are crazy for leaving town”. We get about twenty or thirty feet away from it and it blows away like smoke from smoldering wick. We start back up another hill and pass the city limit sign. I noticed that I was now standing out front but still moving very fast. I didn’t see anyone beside me now. I looked to the forward to the East and saw the glow of the enemy camp. As I get closer I now can see demons all along the horizon. Millions of them. These demons where between 10 and 20 feet tall. Then above them was medium size demons they numbered in 100,000’s. They were around 50 to 100 feet tall. Above them were big demons numbering 100’s. They were around 1000 to 5000 feet tall. Then there was one giant demon. It was so tall I had to look almost straight up. This one was so big it was way above the atmosphere. As I looked at all this, I had no fear and knew I was going to show those in town how to finish off the enemy.
As I got closer I could see the expressions on the demons faces, it seemed like they thought I had lost my mind and they were going to destroy me. They came straight for me. First the small ones attacked me. They jumped at my face, as we hit, they blew away like smoke. Still moving forward very fast, the road flying under me, I noticed I wasn’t running, I was standing up leaning forward a little bit. My head being the most out front. I never swung or even tried to block against the demons.  Then the medium demons came at me. Right before the first one hit me I started saying something.  Not sure what I was saying, but I kept saying it over and over.  As I was speaking, a white light above me illuminated the entire battle field.  When the medium ones hit me they blew away like the small ones. When we hit, it felt like punch from a buddy on the shoulder.  When I got through them the giant demon looked at me with fear in its eyes. The giant one started hurling the big demons at me. Most of them would land out in front of me and then jump over as if to avoid me. When they jumped over I heard people screaming. I didn’t turn or look to see what happen I just kept moving forward to the giant one. One of the big demons landed out in front, rolled towards me, and turned into a bull.  It looked like a bull that the Egyptians would use in hieroglyphics or the Grecians drew in the zodiac. It was red and glowed. When we hit, it felt like a hit you would get playing football but didn’t hurt or slow me down. It blew away like the others. Then I stopped. I was in the camp of the giant demon, I never saw it, but what I did see was millions upon millions of demons around me. I thought to myself “there are so many, where do I start”! I had no fear and still knew that nothing was going to stop me!  With the light still above me, I turned around and saw millions of people behind me! They had followed me!  They were fighting and dying all because I lead them into it!  It surprised me so, that I stood in shock for a moment. Snapping out of it, I turned to join the fight but couldn’t move my hands. I tried and tried but they wouldn’t move much. Then a person came up to me saying something, not sure what he said, my hands were freed. Now grabbing my sword I looked at it, noticing when I moved it, it had a light trail kinda like a light saber in Star Wars, but way cooler. It was really long 7 or 8 feet, the edges where a dark royal blue, almost looked electric.  The rest of the blade was a pure white that had a liquid pearl look.  Almost unexplainable!  I started in killing demons left and right. Then as I was in the motion of killing a demon everything changed, I was now looking at the back of a human, we where in line. I still had my hands up like I was holding the sword about to attack . The sun was shining and it was very nice out. I put my hands down and started singing a song. There was a line of people to my left and to my right. Everyone singing the same song. (I don’t remember what I was singing). We all walked into what seemed like a picnic area. The line to my left went left and the right went right. Everyone started sitting down and I went to the head of this area. I sat down, looked around, thinking to myself what happened to all the people behind me. I knew this wasn’t all of them.  There was around 100,000 people at the tables. I didn’t understand why the rest weren’t with us. I got up from the table and stood by a pole looking at all the other picnic areas and thought to myself that I knew people in the other picnic areas. Knowing that I couldn’t go over and talk with them I just stood there.  Then food started coming out. They put food at my place on the table and I thought, I wasn’t very hungry. I still wanted to know what had happened to everyone. That’s all I could think about. While I was standing looking at everyone, in the middle of the picnic area people started congratulating someone. They were saying “I’m glad you made it, its so good to see you here”.  I go back to my seat to see who it is. It’s my brother Travis. I asked him “what’s going on and what happened to all the people”.  He looked at me like I was joking. I asked again. He said, “you really don’t know”? I said loudly “what happen to all the people why aren’t they here”? He said, “Troy when you lead us into battle we destroyed the enemy. Then for a year the people of the city lived free. But after a while they fell back into the city and were over taken by the enemy again”! Then he said “Troy I can’t believe you don’t know you’ve been dead for years”.
I closed my eyes to fight back the tears. While my eyes were closed I saw the numbers 8, 13 then something after it, I don’t recall what it was. G-d told me that I need to train up people to take over after I leave. He was warning me.
When I woke up I had a strong pain for those that weren’t with us in heaven, that had followed me and fought so hard.


Grateful To Share

Troy aka Pac

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  • Troy Foster aka Pac December 19, 2011, 7:14 am

    I had this dream in 2007..


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