This dream I had back in Bible College, not sure what year.  At that time in my life I didn’t take detailed notes of my dreams.  It had to be between 1998 & 1999 not that it really maters, but this was the dream.

The Dream

Me and a few people were driving down the Highway and all of a sudden the car stopped and we knew that “they” were looking for us.  I don’t really know who “they” were.  The scene changed, now me and my family and other people were running to avoid “them” we were on the outskirts of a small city, halfway hiding in some tall grass.  We came up to a cemetery, it looked old and well taken care of.  We looked around to make sure we wouldn’t be spotted crossing the cemetery.  We take off jogging and half crouched down to hide behind tombstones when gunfire and explosions went off.  They had found us and were trying to keep us from crossing the cemetery.  I knew if we could make it across we would be fine.  I told my family who was with me, that whatever we do we must cross the cemetery, don’t stop until we are on the other side.  I made my family go in front of me so that I could make sure everyone made it.  We take off running, bullets flying by, bombs exploding all around us.  We approach the edge of the cemetery and I wake up.

This was one of those dreams when you wake up it felt like you had ran a couple miles.  The reason my title is “War?” has to do with other dreams I have had and what they hold for our future as a country.  These dreams were more like night visions and I had them around the same time.  I will post those at a later date, so for now hope you enjoy.


Grateful To Share,

Troy aka Pac

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