Are We Bugs? NO?… Then Why Are They Spraying Us?

Daddy Look At The Long Skinny White Clouds…


Have you looked up and noticed the long skinny white clouds crisscrossing the sky.  If not you’ve been cooped up to long.  On any day, you can watch the white clouds pour right out of the jets.  Watch for a while and you notice that the “clouds” don’t disappear, they grow.  If the cloud coming out of the jet is a contrail (condensation trail) it would disappear not grow and expand.  Okay, so what is it?  Well no one knows totally, BUT there is enough evidence to KNOW that whatever it is, IT is not beneficial to us or the planet.  Here is the best  videos on the subject.  Sit back and get your education on :-)


Here is a full video that is very well done. Enjoy

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