Have You Ever Played A HAARP?

When This HAARP Plays Mountains Move And Storms Grow


When listing to a Harpist plays, it bring peace and a sense of calm.  When High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) plays, you can bet that it brings anything but a sense of calm.

Below is a crash course on the effects of HAARP.  Be warned this is some crazy and scary stuff.  Your wheels in your head will start turning and you will have many, many more questions….  So go ahead watch… AND ask those questions, find the TRUTH!




Believe it or not, start asking questions.  Nothing “JUST HAPPENS” always remember that.  Above all else, know that G-D is in control.  If you don’t know Him personally, repent (change your mind and ways) admit you are a sinner, ask the Father for forgiveness, accept Yeshua (Jesus) as your Messiah and Master.  After doing this contact us and we would love to give you a Bible and some more literature for your new journey!


Grateful To Share,

Troy aka Pac

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